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Uncle Frankie with products and pasta sauces

Frankie Wilson is a local man with a passion for Italian cuisine. Born and raised in Fairmont, WV, he has always had love for his Italian heritage. Growing up in a family full of Italians, he quickly learned his way around the kitchen and became very fond of the word, “homemade.” He grew up where food and fellowship were a weekly tradition where he broke bread with his family. Over the past year, Frankie began experimenting with his own recipes with thoughts of bringing something new to the sauce industry. 

Frankie’s sauce quickly became a hit with his family and friends, and soon was inundated with requests for more. After perfecting his recipe, he decided to share his sauce with the world and started selling it locally. As word spread, his sauce became increasingly popular and soon found himself expanding his business to meet the growing demand. While maintaining a full-time career, Frankie does his best to attend local Craft shows and Farmers markets to expand brand awareness. 

Today, Frankie’s homemade sauce is known for its rich and authentic flavors, using only the freshest ingredients. Frankie takes great pride in creating a sauce that captures the true essence of an Italian cuisine and brings families together at the table. You can find Uncle Frankie’s sauces on shelves at limited retail stores in West Virginia and Western Maryland. He continues to take steps that focus on growth and expansion for his business, while continuing to maintain great customer service and consumer satisfaction. Uncle Frankie’s offers two pasta sauces: Tomato Basil and Spicy Alla Vodka, Hot and Sweet Peppers and Sauce, and a Roasted Pineapple Salsa. 

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